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Exciting Hair Review of Wigs and Hair Extensions by Jane

Hi, my name is Jand and I just purchased a wig from Exciting Hair and I love the silky texture quality of the human remy hair. I have bought many wigs from online store and wig shops in my town, but this wig was absolutley gorgeous and so far has lasted me 5 months!

I just died the wig and noticed the hair begain to fall out. Is this normal?

Hair Expert: Did you rub the hair a lot when drying it? (if you used a towel)..if not then you might have got a bad batch. All the hair Ive received from her has been excellent or I wouldnt be talking about it so much…plus Ive bought from her on more than one occasion, spent a lot of money/ Im a student and I cant be wasting money on rubbish hair.

Wig With Hair Falling Out

This video has saved my hair. I plan to go for the lace wigs sale in may but cause I am a virgin to all this hair thing, am a bit confused and was wondering if u could ask you some questions.

Lets take a look at this video to help answer your questions...

Now For My Conclusions...

Exciting Hair products have completley changed my life. I look and feel better, my social acceptance among my friends, family, and co-workers has increased dramatically. I would recommened this site to anyone looking for hair products.

This review was by Jane, a customer of Exciting Hair.

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But it sure looks good on other that rock color #30!



I don't like synthetic wigs, the hair falls out faster.



Yes it certainly is DEE, you can get it at Exciting Hair.