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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Summer Hairstyles for 2012 by Exciting Hair


    It's rough out there this time of year. With frizz, sun, salt, impromptu rain, and sweat, your perfectly styled coif can be assaulted on any number of fronts.

    What if there were a way to style your hair so it stayed place and you didn't have to worry if things got a little undone?

    Well, we were searching for that too, and rounded up some super cute hairstyles that won't have you worrying when the elements attack. We found styles that can work on almost any hair types and lengths, ones that you can easily do yourself or know how to do after watching a quick video. If you really love this look and feel there's no DIY hope.

    Hot Summer Hairstyles for 2012 Video

    check out John Barrett's lace wigs at Exciting Hair, where they'll style it for you starting at $45.  In the meantime, let us know how they come out!...More at Stay Cool This Summer With 7 Easy Hairstyles -


  • Exciting Hair Review of Wigs and Hair Extensions by Jane

    Hi, my name is Jand and I just purchased a wig from Exciting Hair and I love the silky texture quality of the human remy hair. I have bought many wigs from online store and wig shops in my town, but this wig was absolutley gorgeous and so far has lasted me 5 months!

    I just died the wig and noticed the hair begain to fall out. Is this normal?

    Hair Expert: Did you rub the hair a lot when drying it? (if you used a towel)..if not then you might have got a bad batch. All the hair Ive received from her has been excellent or I wouldnt be talking about it so much…plus Ive bought from her on more than one occasion, spent a lot of money/ Im a student and I cant be wasting money on rubbish hair.

    Wig With Hair Falling Out

    This video has saved my hair. I plan to go for the lace wigs sale in may but cause I am a virgin to all this hair thing, am a bit confused and was wondering if u could ask you some questions.

    Lets take a look at this video to help answer your questions...

    Now For My Conclusions...

    Exciting Hair products have completley changed my life. I look and feel better, my social acceptance among my friends, family, and co-workers has increased dramatically. I would recommened this site to anyone looking for hair products.

    This review was by Jane, a customer of Exciting Hair.

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    But it sure looks good on other that rock color #30!



    I don't like synthetic wigs, the hair falls out faster.



    Yes it certainly is DEE, you can get it at Exciting Hair.

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