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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions Tutorial

    In this tutorial we demonstrate how to apply tape-in hair extensions using 7 simple steps. The application process is quick and easy. Follow our tape hair tutorial and witness how this new type of hair extension adds instant volume and length without causing damage to your existing hair. It's the newest and most popular hair product in the salon industry at the moment.
    Prior to Application: Your Hair must be thoroughly washed 2-3 times with a clarifying shampoo. Don’t use conditioner. We want hair as clean as possible. Any surface oil or product will compromise the bond, which will lead to slipping extensions.
    Lets Get Started: How To Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions using 7 Simple Steps
    • Step 1: Part hair in a T section. Start in the back at least a quarter inch up from the hair line to ensure the extensions will be covered when styling hair or wearing it up.
    • Step 2: Flat iron each T section to smooth any fly aways. The goal is to create a smooth canvas to work on for each section you plan to apply the tape hair.
    • Step 3: Place your first extension at least a quarter inch in from the side of your existing hairline to ensure its undetectable to the naked eye.
    • Step 4: Remove the double sided tape and place your first tape extension piece a quarter inch from the scalp so that you are able to easily flip the extension upwards. Press each tape hair strip firmly along the scalp to secure in place
    • Step 5: Flip up the tape hair extension you just applied and make a clean part. Make sure to secure the hair that has stuck to the tape and remove the excess hair that doesn't stick. This will prevent tangling and maximize the hold.
    • Step 6: Remove the double sided tape from your next tape hair extension, line up both tabs - press and secure to form a sandwich. This step is optional, but recommended for best results.
    • Step 7: Continue these steps working up the head in 1/4 inch sections to build volume and length. Make sure to always apply in horizontal T sections as demonstrated in Step 1 of this tutorial.


    Repeat the application process until desired results are achieved. Remember to press the tape extension firmly against the scalp. It may take 15-45 minutes to complete the process depending on how many tape pieces you are applying.


    You can either DIY or have them applied at a local hair salon which specializes in applying hair extensions. You can see how natural these Tape Hair Extensions appear within your natural hair. The best part is, they won’t damage your hair and one proper application can last several months.


    To achieve the best result during the application process, use a flat iron to style your hair after the tape hair has been applied.


    That’s It! Look how natural, thicker, and longer the end result appears. You can’t notice the tape extensions applied within the hair. It’s completely undetectable.


    Let's take a look at our tape hair application video:




    ExcitingHair Remy Tape Hair Extensions are the easiest and most innovative type of hair extensions available in the beauty industry. These extensions last several months and are made with 100% Remy Human Hair.


    We hope you have learned how to install these extensions after reading our blog and watching our YouTube Video. If you have any questions or comments about the tutorial, please engage with us using the comment box below.


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