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How Long Will My Wig Last?

  • Does this item come in multiple colors?

    Yes, multiple colors are available by selected the color options listed on the product page. Given it's available for the provided product you are viewing.

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  • Can I wear a lace wig with my natural hair?

    All of our wigs are made wit hthe highest quality A++ Remy Human Hair and will last anywhere from 8 to 16 months. This lifespan of your wig will primarily depend on how properley you maintain it and how often you wear it.

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  • What are the hair lengths?

    The typical hair lengths for lace wigs are 8 to 24 Inches. While hair extensions will range from 8 to 22 inches.

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  • How Long Will My Wig Last Question

    A lace wig can last for many months or even years depending on your usage, lifestyle, maintenance and upkeep. The types of glues that are used during the application method also effects the life span of your unit. For example, the lace wig can be compared to the tires on a car; of course the more you drive your car, the more worn down the tires become and the need for replacement tires becomes greater. The idea remains that if you plan to wear your wig more often, the natural need for a new unit will become greater as the hair naturally degrades due to extended periods of use, friction, and pollutants.

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